When Tinker Met Bell by Alethea Kontis

Published: September 26, 2017

This is the second book in the Harmswood Academy series and I liked it better than the first one. This short novel in a nutshell is a quirky rewrite of the Labyrinth. Y’all know that movie right? One of David Bowie’s finest moments!

This novel we get to see the Fae Bellamy again and it starts out in all her wonderful barista glory. She makes sure that everyone gets an extra shot of happiness in each cup. That is everyone but her best friend Tinker who as a goblin is horribly allergic to fairies. She has been best friends with the goblin since he arrived at Harmswood. However, she doesn’t realize that she is in love with him until he is named the heir to the goblin throne just out of the blue. That means that she could lose him any day and she doesn’t know how she will live without him. Not only that but she won’t live without him. Whose on board for a trip to Goblin City?

Tinker never wanted to be king. He was happy with his life at school with his friends and especially with Bell. He was content with loving Bellamy and never touching her but now he has to leave her forever. But an unexpected perk of becoming the new goblin king is that he is no longer allergic to fairies. And he isn’t green. Or gangly anymore. These are big perks for a teenage boy in love with a fairy. But when he is suddenly sucked out of Harmswood and into the Goblin City he has to figure out a way to get back to his friends, his home, and most importantly, his girl.

This novella was so cute and I was happy to continue with the students from the Harmswood Academy. As a fan of the movie the Labyrinth I knew I needed to read this novel and I’m sure glad I did. The writing was interesting and engaging and even whimsical. This is only my second time with the Nocturne Falls universe and I think I’ll stick to the trilogy of the Harmswood Academy. For now at least!

—“Permission to kiss the king?” -Bellamy to Tinker—

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