Treoir Dragon Hoard by Dianna Love

Published: September 13, 2018

For my semi-usual preamble, I received this novel as ARC for an honest review (even though I would have bought and read it anyway).

Now that that is out of the way we can begin talking about Treoir Dragon Hoard! This book was so good. If you have been following the Belador series you know that the last novel ended with Cathbad the Druid and a dragon coming out of a lake in a cave. Well, I originally thought that this was one of Daegan’s sisters however (and a small spoiler here) it is not one of his sisters but someone much more interesting. This entire book was focused around Daegan’s hoard because all dragons have to have one. But that was the loose way to focus the book into one area.

We start out within the first couple of chapters wondering what has happened because Evalle has been kidnapped and her magic has been suppressed so she can’t heal herself. Storm (of course) is going berserk because they ripped the emerald out of Evalle’s chest so he has no way to find her. He is tired of people always going after his mate for some reason or another but in a good turn of events the leader of the Beladors is now on her side. Daegan is with Storm every step of the way in order to find Evalle and return her home. However, when things start to look grim they must take drastic measures to find her and this includes taking on the Tribunal and angry goddesses.

This book was so quick paced and interesting. I’m sure I say this a lot, but, I couldn’t put this book down and now I have to wait a year or so for the next one! Why?!?! Anyway, we are slowly learning more about Daegan and his family. He wants to know what happened to them when he was captured but it is slow gathering records from a time when few were kept. Now that he has established himself as the face and power behind the Beladors he will continue to help but he must find his family. In that vein he has named Brina and Tzader the rulers of Treoir which is so heart warming. Like the whole wedding scene is awesome! But there are so many more sub-stories I could talk about in this blog post that I won’t. You all will just have to read to find out what’s going on with Adrianna and Isak, Quinn and Reese, Tristan, and the rest of the gang. Keep an eye open for more Beledor fun!

—“If she had a patch over one eye, she could be a peg-legged gryphon pirate.” -Evalle, pg. 118—

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