Chased into Love by Rochelle Paige

Published: September 24, 2018

I received an ARC of this novel for an honest review. I signed up for this novel because it sounded interesting and I thought it would be a great way to introduce myself to Rochelle Paige’s novels. This one was pretty damn good. It is book six in her Bachelorette Party series but it can definitely be read as a stand alone novel. Which was good since, clearly, I have never read any of her novels before. Having a stand alone really allowed me to get into the novel without having to worry about the series as a whole.

In this novel we see Ariana who was a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas. She is moving to Chicago to be with her sister while she is pregnant so that brother-in-law can travel for his hockey games without worrying. The move came at the right time since her no-good-gambling-addict mother has used her as collateral for her debts. Which means when she doesn’t pay then Ariana will do what ever the bookie wants. That wasn’t going to happen. When she gets to Chicago she has her choice of working at any bar owned by her brother-in-law’s brother and when she scopes out the place she spots the man of her dreams. Well, the man the will become her dream soon in the novel.

Mark has given up dating. He doesn’t have time for it with work and to him it honestly isn’t worth the hassle. But when he meets a gorgeous blonde with the body of a goddess he goes completely out of character and buys her a drink. Then asks her out. Soon he can’t stop thinking about her and though the relationship is moving fast he knows that she is the one for him. You could say that it was fate that brought them together.

So I want to say again that I did like this novel and it was a fun read. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole “love at first sight” feel of the novel. That might be because a majority of novels that I read never have that so to have one with that was different. I also didn’t feel like Mark was a very strong character. He felt very one dimensional to me. But again a lot of this could be from not knowing Rochelle’s writing style. I do want to end this by saying I would read a novel by Rochelle again and I’m reading one by her son now. So there was definitely good in the novel too.

—“So I was just going to have to fake it until I made it.” -(Words to live by) Ariana—

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