Best Served Cold by Emma Hart

Published: September 25, 2018

I received an ARC of this novel for an honest review from the PR people of Emma Hart.

Best Served Cold is the newest romcom by Emma Hart. I love her female characters to bits!! Honestly, it doesn’t matter what I am reading they all have attitude, sass, and sarcasm. I love it!! In this novel we meet Raelynn Fortune who is a third generation owner of the ice cream shop Best Served Cold. Her business is floundering because of her nefarious ex, Chase Aarons.

Chase never meant to hurt Raelynn. Honest. He didn’t. So when he opened his ice cream parlor right next door to Best Served Cold he thought it was a great way to get Rae to talk to him. Two years later and he is still waiting to talk to her until he sees that she has closed her store for renovations. He takes it upon himself to help her and be a thorn in her side until she finally talks to him about their relationship.

Raelynn has nothing to say to Chase. He stole her ideas and opened his own store. What kind of sleazy bastard does that? And now he is trying to weasel his way back into her life by helping her with her renovations. A DIYer she is not and honestly she could use all the help she can get. But that doesn’t stop the snark and assholery from coming out whenever Chase is around. She just can’t help it at this point. Even when she is trying to be nicer to him. Because it seems that Chase had no intention of hurting her. If she chooses to believe him.

So I laughed my way through this novel. It was just so damn cute. And I loved the whimsicalness of the new ice cream shop. If we had one like that where I live I would be there all the freaking time. Glittery ice cream!! I mean. Awesome. It would also be just so fun to go in there with macaroon chairs and ice cream cone tables. But the ice cream would the selling point for sure. Once again Emma Hart wrote a fantastic novel that had a sassy as hell protagonist and a man who loves her anyway. Maybe someday that will happen for the rest of us sassy as hell women.

—“Speak for yourself. She gave me what she called a mermaid banana split a few days ago. I’m seventy-years old, and I was about ready to hand in my man card.” – Rae’s grandfather, Sam—

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