Ringing Her Bell by Mitchell Paige

Published: September 24, 2018

I received an ARC of this debut novel for an honest review. A few days ago y’all saw my post on Rochelle Paige’s new book and this one is the debut novel from her son, Mitchell. I didn’t know what to expect which is normal for a new author but it was actually really good. I enjoyed his book more than I enjoyed his mother’s. It was well written with only a few errors in consistencies such as why the character is wearing. Otherwise he did a good job with it. 

In this novel we first meet Tristan who lost his entire unit on his first tour and had his shoulder shot to hell. The only way he has found the calm his mind is to fight. He is now a history professor who moonlights as a semi-pro MMA fighter. While this is all well and good he never thought he would be a college professor. The weekend before he is to start his new path he meets a girl at a bar and spends a phenomenal night with her. When she thoughts about her are making him crazy he doesn’t know what to do. That is until he sees her in the front row of his class. 

Ashley never just sleeps with someone she has met in a bar. It is so unlike her but she wants a change and that’s why she came to NYC from Florida. So when she goes home with a hot man from the bar and does wicked and dirty things with him she doesn’t know if she wants to see him again. After that one night she doesn’t hear from him and can’t believe how stupid she was to think he would want more to do with her. But when she sees him in her “easy ‘A’” class she doesn’t know what to do. So at the end of the class after her plan to confront him fails she runs away.

The novel was hot as hell with some very naughty scenes in an ice cream store restroom. Like stated previously this was well written and a much better debut novel than I’m used to. Though the series name is a bit misleading it is Knocked Up and Knocked Out. I fully expected Ashley to get knocked up after the first night because that seems to be what happens in all the novels but in a different change the knocked up part came at the end of the novel when they were already in a committed relationship. Most of the ones I read the relationship is built around the pregnancy so that was an interesting twist. I highly suggest this novel and for $0.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited you really can’t go wrong in giving it a shot.

—-“Yes, yes, yes, you rhetorical question asking idiot!” -Ashley to Tristan—

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