Hot for His Girl by Rachel Blaufeld

Published: October 1, 2018

I was asked if I wanted to participate in the review of this novel for an ARC and I thought the premise was really cute. As a blogger I figured that this novel would be a really great read. I wasn’t disappointed in it either!! This novel is about a snarky blogger and the man who tames her snark and makes her want to be real. But rather than being real with him or anyone in her life she just continues along as she is. Definitely, not the way to go. The novel takes on blogging and the people behind it.

Andi is a single mom to a little girl and as one with limited education she didn’t have many options for a job after her deadbeat ex-husband ran out on her. She needs to take care of Gabby and in that she has found her calling as a blogger. With her blog as the “Unaffectionate Blogger” she calls other bloggers out on their shit and makes sure that everyone knows where they stand with her. No blog is outside of her reach but she also tries to be fair to those that are just trying to make a living. It’s the penny pinching bloggers with designer items that feel the majority of her scorn. Through this she discovers “Grill and Groom” which is a male grooming and grilling site that her brother-in-law is in love with. However, when she meets the face (and abs) behind the blog while trick-or-treating she doesn’t know how to react. After meeting said face 2 more times it is time for a real date. But can she do that to herself and Gabby? Opening herself up is one thing putting her daughter on the line is something entirely different.

Reid started his blog on a dare years ago. He didn’t know what to do and while trying to figure it out he realized that he has a talent for grilling and likes to eat the food he makes. But as a statistics professor up for a tenure position, his university doesn’t think that him grilling shirtless is something that should be out there. So he needs advice on what to do and contacts the Unaffectionate Blogger since she is unapologetic about everything. It isn’t until he starts seeing Andi that is truly realizes what a passion he has for blogging even though it started on a dare.

Although I had never read Rachel Blaufeld before I was excited for a cute contemporary romance novel and that is what I got. The writing was good and witty and it even made me want to progress my own blog further forward than I already have. Like maybe making a home page if I can figure that shit out. Anyway, this is definitely one that is worth a read and is a great standalone when you need a filler book.

—“Smacking my hand into the desk, I jar myself out of my pussified thoughts and decide to go home and a take a run before cracking open a beer, grilling a few New York strips, and watching ESPN. I need a healthy dose of red meat and testosterone.” -Reid—

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