A True Cowboy Christmas by Caitlin Crews

Published: October 30, 2018

So I got an ARC of this novel forever ago and just barely finished it in time. My vacation has really killed my posting schedule. Anyway, Caitlin Crews is a new author to me. I got an ARC through NetGalley and it was really cute. Now I don’t like to do a ton of cowboy romance novels because I grew up in the cowboy culture and it isn’t really my thing but every now and then I find a novel that does the genre justice. This one is one of those.

Gray Everette is the last true rancher of the Everette line. However, at his father’s funeral he realizes that he doesn’t want to end up like his old man. That is alone, bitter, and mean. So he comes up with the plan to get married again but for practical reasons. Love not being one of those. A shared interest in the small town and ranching. Someone reliable. Someone who is a local girl. That brings him to Abby Douglas. She lives with her grandmother and doesn’t seem to want to leave Cold River. However, this marriage of convenience isn’t turning out like he had planned. He never counted on the exploding chemistry between them. But when they fight about celebrating Christmas of all things can he keep his fledgling marriage alive?

Abby Douglas has been in love with Gray Everette her entire life. He never expected her to see her as anything other than his closest neighbor so when he comes to her with this crazy proposal for marriage she doesn’t know what to do. She loves him so she wants to marry him but she knows that he doesn’t have any plans of feelings ever making their way into the marriage. When she tells him her feelings and they fight about celebrating Christmas she doesn’t know what to do. She thought she could love enough for both of them but was she terribly wrong?

This novel of course has an HEA but it was pretty heart wrenching in some spots. Abby has a very low self-esteem thanks to her horrible mother and I can relate to self-esteem issues any day of the week. Only Abby has some pretty great people in her life to fight these thoughts. Through everything so doesn’t think she can ask for more than marrying the man she has loved from afar but she also doesn’t believe that he will ever love her considering he is all Mr. Practical. Well this novel shows that sometimes people can change for the better which is not to be expected in real life. Definitely a cute read to get you into the Christmas feeling.

—“I guess this is the grown up marital version of cooties. I guess I still have them. Nothing ever changes, does it? Merry Christmas to me.” -Abby—

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