Beneath His Stars by Amie Knight

Published: November 1, 2018

So I did receive an ARC of this novel for an honest review but I couldn’t help it. The premise of the novel was sounded so good especially considering that it is a duet and the second one is coming out very shortly after this one. I thought that this novel was so good and it was too short. It was a quick read but I had a hard time putting it down. Which was a bit of an issue considering I was touring Stirling Castle the day that I started reading it. I sat in the cafe twice to read it (and to rest my poor foot) but I had to force myself to stop reading so that I could continue with my vacation. That’s how good it was! I was in a freakin’ castle and I just wanted to read!

Livingston “Liv” Montgomery does not fit in with her family or the people on the island. They have more money than they know what to do with but they only care about themselves. So when she decides to go visit the field that her father took her to before a passed away she does just that. She likes to look at the stars and dream about what her life could and should be like. On the unfortunate night there she is accosted by a group of guys but when the one who is probably the scariest of them tells the one harassing her to stop he does. Instantly. She knows that she shouldn’t have anything to do with him but she can’t get his searing blue eyes out of her head.

When Adam Nova stops his “friend” from hurting the rich girl from the island he figures that’s the last he’ll ever see of her. Unfortunately, he cannot get her out of his head and he doesn’t know what to do with that. So he begins by leaving messages for her since she clearly doesn’t have a fearful bone in her body and continues going to the field by herself. When he finally does introduce himself to her he can’t believe his need to be around her. He finds himself counting down the hours until he can see and it is driving him insane. He has even tried to force himself to stay away because he needs her more than air and that’s just not right.

Like I said I couldn’t put this novel down. It was well written and intense in all the right spots. I am very grateful that the author decided to put the second book out shortly after this one because honestly I will drop all my other books to read the second one (and have since I just received the ARC). I hope you all decide to read this one and give it the chance it deserves. You won’t be disappointed.

—“I could have played it cool. I could have avoided the field and made Adam work for it. It wasn’t in me.” -Liv—

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