Dragonfire by Donna Grant

Published: October 30, 2018

The newest novel of the Dragon Kings series has hit stores and is a must, must, must read for anyone who follows the series. This book is exciting from almost the beginning to the end of it. We get to see more interaction with the main storyline to the Reapers’ storyline and how it will all come to a head so, so soon. But in this novel we are still trying to figure out the mystery of the fae and the druids who were not only around when the dragons were but had been working to take the realm from the dragons for a very long time. There are so many unanswered questions in this one and several of them come from the epilogue. Guys, that was something I did not see coming AT ALL.

This is the novel where we have Roman’s story. Roman hasn’t been as key of a character as say Rhys or Vaughn but we have seen him in several of the other books. Roman’s gift is to find metal and control it how he wants. He figured he could use this gift to help V find his sword. Every time V has awoke and went to find his sword on his own disaster has struck so he figures he would help this time. That takes them to Romania where stories of Vlad (V) have become blood sucking legend. There they run into a gypsy woman and her brother who has the peculiar gift of being able to communicate with animals. Through this he knows all about the dragon kings and the missing sword. He even knows where it is. When Roman insists that Camlo go with them to Iceland so they know that they are on the right track Sabina strongly protests.

Sabina is Camlo’s older sister and refuses to let him go off with two complete strangers just because the animals said that they are friend not foe. She knows about the dragon kings from a story that her grandmother told her one night. About how her ancestors stole a sword to protect their village and that is how they became nomads. Now there is a dragon king called V at her house looking for a sword. It could only be the Vlad that the sword was taken from and though Sabina knows she needs to tell both kings about this she can’t put her brother in danger. When they arrive in a remote area of Iceland and find a cave with drawings that have both the fae and druid power they know they are in the right place. However, how are they going to find a sword that is under a volcano?

This book started off a bit slow for me however it quickly picked up the pace. I loved the dynamic between Sabina and Roman. Donna writes such great head strong women that it’s incredible what they can accomplish. When they finally went in search of the sword things heated up in action and in questions about how this series is going to end. Y’all have to realize that this is book 14. There are ONLY 20 books in this series. So it’s going to be coming to a close soon. Con’s book is in 2020. I’m very excited to see what Donna has up her sleeve and y’all are gonna be left speechless with the epilogue. Trust me.

—“I give you my vow.” -Roman- “Well, then,” she (Sabina) said with a grin, “I can do anything now that I have that.”-Sabina—


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