Wild Texas Wind by Nicole McCaffery

Published: June 18, 2010

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this novel. I was contacted by an author friend of mine if I would like a free copy of the audiobook so that I could review it. I read the synopsis and thought “sure, why not?”. It was a much better novel than I thought it would be. Though I am admittedly behind in posting about it because I have been actually living life for a while now that it has calmed down you’ll be seeing more posts from me. Anyway, I actually really liked this book. It was a slow love because I did not like the heroine at all. She was a spoiled brat and honestly kind of a bitch but that is what I expected from what I read the synopsis.

Raz Colt is a bounty hunter and a damn good one but he knows that it isn’t something he can do forever. He wants to purchase land in Texas and set himself up as a rancher (maybe) so that he has some form of income when he leaves the life of a bounty hunter. When he hears about the reward for the return of Arden O’Hara he knows he can do that. The only stipulation to the reward is that she must come back as pure as she left. Little does he know that this heiress has the tongue of a viper and knows how to cut any man down. She doesn’t follow orders and doesn’t believe she is in any real danger. Until men start to come after her. Even then Raz can’t convince her she is in danger. All he really wants to do is ring her neck. But when he glimpses other sides of her he needs to admit that feelings are afoot and he has to keep his distance.

Arden had the perfect plan. She would be kidnapped and her fiancé wouldn’t stop until she was rescued. Only he is late and the man who has come to get her most definitely isn’t her fiancé. Though with Raz’s dark good looks and intense attitude she finds herself unwittingly attracted to him. She is promised to another and, besides, he only sees money when he looks at her. Much like every other man she has known. Could he be different though? He is the only man to never wilt against her temper or tongue and that is what has her tied up in knots.

The book was very well written and the audiobook was well done. Dawson McBride does a good job as a narrator but after awhile his characters start to sound the same throughout different books. Though he keeps them straight and unique in each individual book so that helps. The storyline kept my interest and the changes in the heroine were written really well. It wasn’t an abrupt change of personality but more gradual. These are important things in a good story! I would definitely read another book by Nicole McCaffery again!

—Go forth and listen to an audiobook.—

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