Dark Sentinel by Christine Feehan

Published: September 4, 2018

This is the newest Carpathian novel by the talented Christine Feehan and it was pretty good. Now I read this book several months ago so I’m a bit behind on getting the review written. But this series is so long and I’m still not sure I’m fully on board with the new direction that the author is taking the series. Either way I have continued (and will continue) to read the series after every new book.

This one starts out with Andor being attacked by multiple vampires at once and then having human fanatics come at him in his weakened state. Thankfully a woman found him and fought off his attackers with a saucepan (of all things). Him, an ancient Carpathian, being saved by a human woman and her saucepan. The ridicule he would face if he in fact cared about such things. It isn’t until he hears the brave reckless woman speak that he realizes she is his lifemate. Now that he is dying. That is unacceptable to him so he does everything in his power to convince this fierce woman that in order to save him she must pack his wounds with dirt and his spit and bury him alive. That might be too much for even his brave lifemate.

Lorraine has lost her entire family to a murder-suicide. She was forced to retreat from the world because everyone thought something was wrong with her since her beloved brother ended up being a murderer. Nobody remembered the boy who helped everyone else. They only remember his last horrific act. For that reason she has pulled away from the cruel world and was trying to cool her rage until she came upon 3 men attacking one who was helpless. However, not all is as it seems. When the man asks her to put dirt in his wounds, takes her blood, and tells her about vampires, she freaks out a bit but then she (frankly) gets over it. But she is another warrior woman that has been paired with an ancient. Which makes everything more interesting.

This novel wasn’t at all what I was truly expecting. I thought it would be a lot like the other few have been since the monk Carpathians have been introduced. And honestly they have kind of bored me. However, this one started out with the ancient being gravely injured and the relationship being built upon the fact that he couldn’t protect his lifemate. That was new. I liked it because it was different. I’m definitely going to continue this series when the next book comes out next year but I’m hoping it’ll start to become a more gripping storyline now that Elisabeta has found her lifemate.

—“‘You are an arrogant Carpathian, Andor,’ she told him. ‘You think because you can fly, you have the ultimate in entertainment.'” -Lorraine, pg. 299.

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