Stalking His Mate by Dianna Love

Published: November 8, 2018

The new Gallize Shifter novel came out earlier this month and it was so good. Honestly, these novels just keep getting better. I didn’t think this one would be better than the last one just because I loved Justin and his hairy alter-ego, Hercules, so much. They were hilarious. Well Rory’s jaguar was pretty entertaining as well. I think it was a great continued story. But before I go further I need to give the disclaimer that I received an ARC of this novel for an honest review and because Dianna Love is awesome.

Rory doesn’t know what to do. His wounds aren’t healing and he knows that he will never find a mate. He has a good 3 years left (maybe) before the mating curse starts to set in. However, he doesn’t want anyone to be like him ever so he decides against the whole procreation thing and will let his line die with him. But during all of this distress between him and his jaguar he rescues a stubborn woman who can heal him with just a touch. His jaguar is determined to make her his mate but Rory doesn’t know. She has too many secrets and on top of it all might be a Cadell, the enemy of the Gallize.

Siofra was raised as a slave for the Cadells. She was taken from her father when she was a child and moved from camp to camp her entire life. When she finally gets free she ends up being captured again by traffickers of shifters for the Black River Wolf Pack. Her life has been one tragedy after another until she meets a shifter with golden eyes. When she is taken by this shifter and his team she trusts him when when she trusts no others. Only the whole team thinks she is a threat and that she will intentionally hurt not only Rory but all of them. All Siofra wants is to be free.

This novel was so good. Once I got it started I had a hard time putting it down. Like I said I didn’t think this novel could be better than the last one but it did. The story of Siofra was heart breaking but it also created her into a strong female protagonist. And Rory had such a difficult past that no one knew about but he also had a sense of humor that was also unseen. Throughout everything the two protagonists learn to rely and trust each other in a way they never did before. This one even sets up beautifully for the next novel which will be about our mysterious tiger Gallize who was supposed to be dead.

—“Are you going to eat the rest of that lasagna or am I going to have to arm wrestle you for it?” -Siofra to Rory, pg.170—

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