Dream by Carly Phillips

Published: October 16, 2018

As the final book in the Rosewood Bay series it was just as sweet as every book before it. But since all three of the sisters have found there Happily Ever After this book is about Andi and her finally having a happily ever after. The novel was a quick read and it was a cute ending to this short series.

Andi Harmon married the high school quarterback and her life became hell. In order to protect her best friend she made sure to push him away but now he is back. As her son’s teacher. She has been free of her abusive husband for a few years and now that her best friend is back she wants to see if they can at least try to be friends with him again. Only it seems like he wants nothing to do with her no matter how much she regrets what has happened between them.

Kyle Davenport has returned to Rosewood Bay to teach at the school. However, he does not expect to have Andi’s son in his class. He know he would have to see her eventually but when her son needs extra help in reading he knows that eventually has come sooner rather than later. He was in love with the girl in high school and he cannot wrap his mind around the woman she has become. Not only that but he can’t believe she withstood years of abuse when he or her brother could have helped her. But now she is around him and he seems to keep finding excuses to be around her.

This novel had clear lines to it. It had the reuniting, the can we be friends or can’t we, how about more than friends?, and then finally the climax with the asshole ex-husband. It was a typical storyline that anyone could see when they started reading but it was still well done. Though the ex-husband coming back was a for sure it was done in an interesting way that kept a reader’s interest.

—“Just like that, the boy had gotten himself a dog, Kyle thought”. -Kyle—

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