The Darkest Captive by Gena Showalter

Published: December 4, 2018

This is the newest novel in the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter. It is also her first (I believe) 1,001 Dark Nights novel. Which means that it is a novella but it is also longer than your average novella. Honestly, I was so happy that this was longer than your average novella. If it were shorter I think we would have missed out on a lot of storyline. But on to the review!

In one corner we have (former) baddest of the bad and doubly demon possessed, Galen! In the other we have former badass demon turned broken woman, Legion Honey! The characters in this novel act exactly like they would in a boxing ring. Galen sizing up Legion to see where he can earn her trust and Legion sizing up Galen to see if he will become just another man who hurt her or something different all together. When Galen rescues her from an army she knows that she should try to trust him. She is drawn to him but can’t/won’t do anything without trusting in him. The man who doesn’t have a gentle bone in his body needs to have care with Legion because he wants her more than any other. Though in the beginning he believes that he just wants to have sex with her again and that will kill the obsession. Poor demon possessed warrior. It never works that way.

Throughout the book we learn more about Galen and even a little about what happened to Legion in hell. They are both broken souls that need each other and Galen is much more of a softie than the other warriors. I was honestly a bit surprised by how big of a softie he was and also by how many fighting skills he seems to lack compared to the other warriors. Not to say he isn’t fierce but the others don’t seem to get hurt as often as he does. I also have questions about this book. Like did we know about the Cronus clone before? How did I miss that? Also the Sent Ones. You’d think it would have been mentioned that some were captured. We REALLY need another Angels of the Dark book. I need to know what’s going on there. But I do know we’ll see a lot more of our winged friends in the next books as they hunt down Fox.

Honestly, this book was good. It tied up Galen’s story in a nice little bow and gave Legion an HEA. Though I have questions and I’m more than curious about what will be going on in the next few books I will have to satisfy myself in knowing I’m not the only one foaming at the mouth for more.

—“‘Get me a prosthetic,’ he insisted between panting breaths. ‘It’ll come in … handy.'” -Galen to Legion after he lost his hand.—

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