All But The Fall by Kim Turner

Published: October 15, 2018

This novel was so good. Though it did take a bit for me to get sucked into it. That can happen with a new series though so that shouldn’t deter anyone. This is the first contemporary western by the wonderful Kim Turner and I honestly hope it isn’t the last one. I think she has some books in the works for this series. I mean she has to. We have two other brothers who need their stories told just as much as Aaron does.

This story follows Aaron Decker who is a rancher and a stuntman for TV shows and movies. He is good at his job and his brothers help him when they can. Not only does he do the majority of his work as a stuntman he is also a single father to a little girl. His life is complicated enough and the last thing he wants is a woman in it. But he cannot seem to keep his mind off of the beautiful nurse consultant. He is drawn to her like a moth to a flame and when she is in trouble? Well, just call him a cowboy in shining leather.

Jenna Wilder is an ER nurse and has taken a leave to be a nurse consultant for a new TV series. She dreams of being a writer for TV and movies so she takes this job in order to learn more about the industry before she decides to submit her work. When she meets Aaron, however, her life is turned upside down. She is a single mom to a baby boy and doesn’t have time for dating but Aaron makes it easy. He knows the restraints of being a single parent and even though he has a lot of help he still understands. But when Jenna’s ex-husband starts to sniff around; that’s when things really heat up. Will the cowboy win this duel or will the rotten husband have the last laugh?

So I have to say Kim really took what she already knew and put it into a story which is brilliant. Her medical knowledge and historical knowledge really paid off in this novel. It was well written and once I got sucked in I couldn’t put it down! Yes, we all saw the ex-husband coming because that had to be the unknown part of the plot but no one could have guessed how crazy he was or how intense the climax was going to get. That’s what’s I love about Kim’s books. Though the unknowns might be average and guessable; the climax of the novels never are. If you’ve never read a Kim Turner novel this is a great one to start with. The woman definitely knows her cowboys.

—“‘I’m got to go to MRI and Medicare that demon child you’ve been hearing scream for the last two hours. Those parents need to get a wrap on this one.'” -Brianna—

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