Solstice Burn by Kym Grosso

Published: June 24, 2015

This was a hot short novella. I did the audiobook thing and listened to it while I was in Scotland. I mean I couldn’t exactly not look out the bus/train windows and I wanted to read while I did it. Thus the audiobook. Which is free with the romance package from Audible. The narrator is the same for the Immortals of New Orleans series and is on point. Ryan West does a fantastic job and I’m so glad he was the one to narrate this novel. This is #0.5 in the Club Altura series and if you like a bit of erotica in your romance novels this is the one for you.

Chase Ellsworth is a deep sea diver and while on assignment and staying at a resort, he saves a beautiful woman from drowning, while she is snorkeling. He generally doesn’t interact with the guests of the resort when he is there for work but there is something about his mermaid that has him tied up in knots. So instead of working, he pursues her for the perfect vacation fling. Will a fling be enough?

Penny Travis is a lawyer from NYC and while she loves her job it has left a lot to be desired in her socia life. Her bestie convinced her that she needs a vacation. And boy does she ever. But while at the exclusive adult only resort she meets Chase. He excites her in a way that has never happened before and she doesn’t know if it’s the heat of the island or if it is all him. Either way after a week they are finished. Because they can’t keep their relationship alive across the country. Can they?

The novella was super hot. But very explicit so if that’s not your thing then this might not be the series for you. I, for one, found it very entertaining and I would suggest it to anyone who asked. Check it out if you’re a fan of Kym Grosso’s other works. You won’t be disappointed!!

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