Northern Temptress by Nicole McCaffery

Published: September 22, 2013

This was my first Civil War romance. I wasn’t sure what to expect especially since it was a Northern woman and a Southern man. But I was pleasantly surprised by this one as I was by the last Nicole McCaffery book I listened to. So the audio was done by Dawson McBride and once again he did a phenomenal job. Since I only listened to the audio book I can’t tell you if it was a quick read or not. But I can tell you that it was a quick listen even though I had to carve out time to listen to it.

Alexa Winters is a doctor in Gettysburg, PA on the eve of the Battle of Gettysburg. She has been looked down upon her entire life because she doesn’t wear dresses and she is in a “man’s” profession. Not only that but she had the scandal of being divorced added to her many supposed sins. When Alexa is defending her home from a Confederate soldier, who says he was after their food when in reality he was after her cousin, she meets Major Caleb McKenna. He is fair to her and her family and even posts guards around her home to make sure that no other gets a bit handsy. When the battle begins though her house is flooded with both Union and Confederate soldiers. Since her father is out of town she is the only doctor available outside of the field doctors who would rather cut off limbs than save them. When Caleb is injured in the days of battle he is brought to her in secret. She can’t help but want to help the kind Confederate soldier who looked into what has happened to her brother and who kisses like a dream. But she can’t help but remember that not only is he a rebel but he is engaged to a Southern belle.

Caleb McKenna doesn’t know how to handle the female doctor in Gettysburg. She is a handful to be sure and more than he bargained for when the Confederates took over the quiet Pennsylvania town. However, he is drawn to her spitfire and that backbone of steel. He knows that he doesn’t have to mince words with her and he is confident in her healing abilities. After being struck down in the battleground though he knows that the only way he will survive is by getting to Alexa. Once there she cares for him and nurses him to health until he can walk again. Only it’s too late for him to get out of Pennsylvania. The Union has won the Battle of Gettysburg and the town has been put back into Union control while he was recovering. Now they are sending every Confederate soldier that they find to prison camps. Alexa knows that he isn’t strong enough to survive a camp yet so she keeps him hidden. However, Caleb knows his time is going to run out sooner rather than later but what he doesn’t know is the fallout it will have on his dear Alexa.

As my first Civil War romance I thought it was very well written. Since I’ve never even seen or read Gone with the Wind I have very limited knowledge on works of fiction about the Civil War. Hell, I have limited knowledge about the Civil War period. But the author picked one of the few battles that I am familiar with, which helped me to visualize and get sucked into the novel faster. I would definitely suggest this novel to someone who is interested in expanding their historical romances into different time periods. It is one that will leaving you hanging on for more until the very end.

—Go listen to more books! (Forgot to write down a quote while I was listening) 😬—

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