Carnal Risk by Kym Grosso

Published: June 2, 2015

This novel was hot! Man it was a great novel to listen to as I was walking around Scotland. Now, the novel is free on Amazon but the audiobook version is available through the Romance Package on Audible. As with the other Kym Grosso books it was narrated by Ryan West and he did a great job. Again, I was listening to this book while walking around Scotland and even though it isn’t based there it was still a great listen while exploring.

Garrett Emerson is a billionaire CEO for his own company and he lost his best friend in  a sky diving accident. However, he knows that Evan would never have an accident while sky diving. He was too meticulous for it, so Garrett knows that someone was out to kill Evan. But “Why?” is the question. In trying to help his friend, Lars sends Selby to Garrett. Only Garrett is attracted to Selby on a molecular level. She is not part of his world but he is having fun stretching her limits and seeing where they can go with them. However, when someone is after her Garrett doesn’t know what to do in order to protect her and find the person who killed Evan.

Selby Reynolds is a technology specialist that can hack her way into almost any system. When she is sent from Lars Industries to Emerson’s in order to fill the gap of Evan’s contracts she is met with hostility at almost every turn. Especially from the CEO Garrett. But there is an unnatural attraction to him that she can’t explain. Though, when she discovers that Evan was a man who tried to hire her to hack into Emerson’s computers she knows that will devastate Garrett and potentially lose her this job.  But she believes that Garrett will want to know the truth no matter what. When she tells him what she knows he calls her a liar and basically throws their relationship out the window. She trusted him and he stomped on that trust. There is no moving forward from that.

Ok, so everything about this book was awesome. It was hot and heavy in all the right parts with good parts of suspense and unknowns. Honestly, I did not see the villain coming. Normally I can figure out who it is but in this one I couldn’t which made it just that much more gripping as a story. If you enjoy Kym’s Immortals of New Orleans stories you’re going to love this series and I can’t wait to read the next one which is Lars’s story and is available through Kindle Unlimited! (Honestly, Amazon should pay me for how much I plug their services.)

—“‘Maybe I’m planning on pushing you,’ she said. ‘You seem to enjoy hurling yourself off of high places.'” -Selby to Garrett, pg. 264—

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