Jingle Balls by Vanessa Waltz

Published: November 30, 2018

This novel wasn’t the greatest but it had its comical moments and its sexually charged moments. I remembered seeing its release on one of the Facebook party groups I’m a part of and because of that, when I came across it on Kindle Unlimited I knew that I had to give it a shot. So I did. And it could have been better but it could have been a lot worse as well.

In this novel, we are diving right on into the holiday spirit with Gigi who was recently dumbed by her fiancĂ© and is now at her mom’s house for Christmas. She just doesn’t like the holiday and doesn’t understand why it is being forced in her at every turn. Then her mom goes and signs her up to be Mrs. Claus in the stupid Christmas parade and who is Santa? None other than the terror next door named Ronan. Gigi wants absolutely nothing to do with him but every time she turns around he is there. How is a girl supposed to squash an unwanted attraction when the subject of the attraction won’t leave her alone?

Ronan will be the first to admit that he was an asshole as a kid and took out a lot of that assholery on Gigi. But he has changed or at least he wants to prove to Gigi that he has. So when he is signed up to be Santa in the town’s Christmas events he gets to spend the days with Gigi and wear down her dislike for him. He has honestly changed and he just wants her to see that. Granted his older brother isn’t helping matters at all. A twerking Santa? Really?

This was a light holiday book without all of the sickly sweet holiday romance. It was based during Christmas and had a Christmas theme but there was no mention of a Christmas miracle and for that I was grateful. I would honestly suggest this to someone who was looking for a holiday story with a bit of spice. Overall not a bad read and it was definitely jolly!

—“Stop undressing me with your eyes. It’s unprofessional.” -Ronan to Gigi—

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