At the Heart of Christmas by Jill Monroe

Published: November 6, 2018

I haven’t read a book by Jill Monroe before but I met her recently at a book event and she was just the best! This is a Hallmark publication book and you can definitely tell that from the innocent romance happening. But the story line definitely made up for the lack of the “fun stuff” in romance novels.

We meet Quinn Hardwick who has been given the legacy of Hardwick Ornament Company but the problem is the company has been defunct for years. She was given it by her late grandfather and has decided that she will revive it. She only has to find a skilled glass blower who is willing to work for room and board. When Nolan Vesser contacts her she feels like it is fate. The Vessers were the original glass blowers for the company and she just knows he will help her succeed. Only she isn’t expecting a 6 foot plus Adonis to walk onto her farm. She will just have to continue to remind herself that their relationship can only be professional.

Nolan lost everything in a fire. His home and his workshop. So when he finds the deed of ownership to the Hardwick Ornament Company in his safety deposit box he contacts the current owner. He figures he will deal with a rich heiress who will buy out his stake in the company or who doesn’t care about it. When he finds out the woman he has been portraying in his head is in fact not rich he doesn’t know what to do. What doesn’t help matters at all is that she has placed all of her hopes for the company on him. How she could do that sight unseen he doesn’t know. She has purchased everything he has asked her to and yet he hasn’t told her about the deed of ownership. Soon he must make a decision on it but he has come to care for Quinn and doesn’t want to see her hurt in any form. 

So like I said at the beginning of this post, the novel was sweet. You could definitely see where the plot line was going but couldn’t figure out how it was all going to work out precisely. The love between the two was cute and definitely there but since they shared like two kisses throughout the book it was all about the sexual frustration that was definitely hinted at. It was a great, good-feeling Christmas novel so pick up to read the next holiday season or if you want a little bit of Christmas all year round go grab it today!

—“‘Remember, family,’ Barb said, ‘this is your one and only time a Hardwick ever gets to be rude, so make it good, and don’t hold back. New rules this year: if you pull out your phone to consult another Hardwick, I get to send a text to anyone in your contacts list — from your phone. I one hundred percent guarantee what I type will be embarrassing. Also, at the halfway point, we switch it up and point with our elbows.” -Barb Hardwick (Quinn’s Mom)—

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