Hard Asset by Kym Grosso

Published: February 14, 2018

When I found out about this novelette, I knew that I needed to read it. Since it was on Kindle Unlimited (and I have that) I grabbed it up quick. I still need to read Lars’s book but it is on the list. Anyway, as a novelette this story is a very quick read but it is also very good since we get to have an interaction with Evan before the first official book of the the Club Altura series.

Evan Tredioux is trying to figure out who is trying to steal information from Emerson Industry’s and to that end he has gone undercover to a party that could kill him. He knows that he is playing with fire by just being at the party and trying to find the missing information but he can’t believe when he runs into Raine there. And she is there to sell secrets? He has wanted her since she started at the company but as her superior he couldn’t do anything about it. Now that he finds out she is the one selling secrets though he has to get both of them out of this situation. Alive.

Raine Presley is working deep undercover at Emerson Industries and when her cover is blown by none other than her boss she doesn’t know how to diffuse the situation, but to tell him everything she can. As ex-military she knows that Evan will understand that she can’t tell him everything but will he believe her? As they argue their tempers and passion run hotter until they both take what they’ve been denying each other. They take the night together that they’ve always wanted.

Well, since I read this one out of order I know what happens to them in later books but I won’t spoil that. Ok I won’t spoil that here. I might have spoiled it in the review for Carnal Risk. Anyway, this is a must read in this short series and will explain how everything has been put into motion. Check it out!

—“Well, what can I say, sir? I can’t let the boss think he knows everything.” -Raine to Evan—

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