Butterface by Avery Flynn

Published: July 30, 2018

This is the first book in the Hartigans series by Avery Flynn. Now, I read the second book first because I choose to review it and I loved it so I knew that I had to read the first book. And man am I glad I did. This book was so good. It was funny and hot and sweet and insecure. All things that I find make a great romance novel.

Gina Luca isn’t what anyone would confuse as pretty. Her eyes and nose are too big for her face and she knows this. She has been tormented her entire life by bullies for how she looks. So when she is out on a Kiss Cam while working at the wedding she planned, she does not like it one bit. What she likes even less is the gorgeous cop who is the unlucky guy who has to kiss her. That kiss opens up a whole slew of problems not the least of which is that he has now moved into her house for her own “safety”. If it weren’t for that one kiss she would be able to resist him and his charm but she can’t help that he makes her feel wanted and beautiful. So when is the other shoe going to drop because this does not happen to Gina Luca?

Ford Hartigan could kill his coworkers who decided to put him on a Kiss Cam. But little do they all know that kissing Gina lit something up inside him and it’s all he can do to just function without seeing her. So when his chief gives him the option of gaining her trust to try and get information through her brothers on a large heroine deal that is about to go down or letting another cop infiltrate his way into her life, he doesn’t skip a beat. Now he is living at her place under the guise that someone might have killed her grandfather and will be coming back for her. He knows that is weak but it’s all he’s got. Only as time goes on he wants her more and more. But can he ever tell her the truth of why he is there?

Like I said, I liked everything about this book. Though it does have an HEA ending, it definitely wasn’t easy getting to it. And I had all the feels towards the end of the book. I loved the characters and I especially loved the jokes between Ford and his family. Since Ford is a cop and the other men in the family are firemen. He broke the mold but the family never lets him forget it. That is what families are for.

—“I’d rather live the rest of my life in this hole than have you call the fire department.” -Ford to Gina, pg. 148–

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