Prisoner of Night by J.R. Ward

Published: January 7, 2019

This is another one of J.R. Ward’s novellas that she released solely in ebook format. It doesn’t directly have anything to do with the BDB but it does occurs in that world. I like how she is slowly showing the fans more of the vampire world than just what the brothers see or do. I liked this one better than Dearest Ivie but I think that’s because it has more action in it.

Ahmare has gone to unspeakable levels to get her brother back. He stole money from Chalen the Conquerer and after being caught he is now being held in that stronghold. In order to get him back Ahmare must kill and do exactly as Chalen asks. This is difficult to stomach but her brother is all she has left after the raids. So when Chalen offers her a weapon and a map of sorts to get his “beloved” back she readily accepts. Only she can’t believe that the “weapon” is a male. One who has clearly been locked up for awhile. Now Ahmare must remind herself that he is only a means to an end. Which is easier said than done.

Duran has been in that god forsaken cell forever. When he is released by an intriguing and beautiful female his first thought is that she was there to feed him. But she wasn’t high nor afraid so he didn’t what was going on. As they leave the fortress the fact that he is free hasn’t set in. Until it does set in and he knows exactly what Chalen wants and where to get it. He won’t go back to that cell but he has an unexplainable need to help Ahmare and her brother. Could it be the bonding of his species? Can it happen that fast?

I enjoyed this novella because it had a lot of action in it. I wasn’t disappointed by the plot or how it turned out. I even thought that the epilogue was super cute and I’m thinking it’ll be mentioned in future BDB books. This novella also has a teaser for The Savior and I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT!! Man, that book is going to be so good but I think I need to re-read Lover Mine first. I have visited Xhex’s and John Matthew’s story in awhile and a refresher would be nice. Now to find the time…

—“Can I go buy more balloons right now?” -Theo aka Duran to Ahmare—

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