Casanova by Emma Hart

Published: January 24, 2017

This has been on my TBR list for awhile. But considering Emma Hart writes like a fiend it is super hard to keep up with her and my other authors as well as trying to read her back list. Well, she recently made this novel available on Kindle Unlimited so I thought that it was my chance to read it. Though I have a lot of ARCs to read at the moment I still managed to fit this one in. I am very glad that I did because it was funny and sassy and sarcastic and everything that I’ve come to expect from Emma Hart’s books.

Lani Montana left Whiskey Keys the day after graduation for what she thought would be forever. Only she comes back for her grandmother’s funeral and discovers that her sister is pregnant and really ready pop. She guilts Lani into staying at least until the baby is born and because of her job as a freelance journalist she really has no excuse. But then she gets a job with the Walker family to write a series of articles to make Brett Walker (her nemesis) look good. She doesn’t want anything to do with him. They were best friends until the day of graduation when she saw his true colors. She is trying to keep ahold on her hatred but she has to admit that it is nice having her friend back. He isn’t the same asshole that he was when she left. Can she hold onto the hatred and leave the Keys or will her life change yet again?

Brett Walker doesn’t know why Lani left. He lost his best friend and the love of his life right after graduation and began to spiral. Now Lani is back and can’t disguise the hatred in her eyes every time she sees him. He wants to convince her that he isn’t the asshole that everyone thinks he is but to convince her of that he needs to spend more time with her. Though that isn’t a hardship for him, he can see that she doesn’t want to me around him. So his mission for the time while she is here will be to convince her that he isn’t what everyone thinks he is. Which wouldn’t be difficult if she would just listen to him.

This novel as funny but not the level of hilarious that I’m used to with Emma’s books. As far as enemies to lovers stories go this one was right up there. I enjoyed the banter and I enjoyed Lani’s love of books. Brett was a secret softie and his family was just ridiculous. Which made the book go quicker. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for an Emma Hart book or just a super cute enemies to lovers stories.

—“While you do that, I’m going to ask Edward Scissorhands to scoop the eggs out of my ovaries.” -Lani to Cam—

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