Three of a Kind by Laura Kaye, Skye Warren, & Vanessa Vale

Published: January 12, 2019

This novel is an anthology of threesome novellas that these three authors have published previously. Now, I have read the one by Laura Kaye before and absolutely loved it. Because of that when asked if I wanted to read the anthology, I jumped on it because everyone should love reading about two alphas doting on one woman. How do some get so lucky? HeHeHe. Anyway I figured that this would be a quick read and I could fit it into my ARC schedule pretty easily and I wasn’t wrong.

Let’s start with Even Better by Skye Warren. This novella is the only true non-standalone in this anthology. Because of that it was also the one I liked the least out of the three. So this one picks up with Blue and Lola (Hannah) who a reader would have met in a book previously. Blue’s army buddy comes to stay with them and Hannah is just lost. She feels like she is on borrowed time with Blue and the fact that he didn’t even ask her or tell her that his friend was staying sure hurt. But she can’t deny that she is also attracted to Blue’s friend. What is she to do about it? Unlike the other two novellas this one isn’t about two men creating a loving relationship with one woman. This one is a down and dirty one-off menage. I think I need to read the full length novel now because this one certainly piqued my interest.

Next we’ll move onto Laura Kaye’s Theirs to Take. This is one of the novels in her BDSM Blasphemy series. Like I stated earlier, I have read this one before but I’ve been meaning to re-read all of the Blasphemy books so this one helped in that endeavor. Jonathan and Cruz are always looking for that perfect partner and Jonathan thinks that he might have just found it in Hartley. Hartley has a huge problem in the shape of a hole in her boat. She needs it to teach her sailing classes and to get through her other obligations but no one will even come and look at it let alone fix it in three weeks. Until she meets Jonathan. Then she meets Cruz. They agree to fix her catamaran but by spending time with them she realizes that both men are equally gorgeous and she doesn’t know how to pick just one. Until the option of having both of them presents itself. Can she do that? Well in this novella she certainly can!

Finally, Their Runaway Bride by Vanessa Vale is a historical romance threesome story. You read that right, it is a historical romance. I didn’t know what to think about it right away but since it is a short novella the storyline moved quickly. Anne is to be married off by her father to move his business dealings forward. She does not want anything to do with her supposed husband. So while on a ship from Europe to New York she flees her father and ends up married to a soldier. And married (unofficially) to two of them!! That isn’t something a proper lady does but they have sworn to protect and cherish her and for the two days they are on the ship together they have. When it is time to disembark she knows she will go anywhere with them and the other men who also want one bride for two men.

This anthology was a really quick read and makes me want to go read the first book with Lola and Blue by Skye Warren and the rest of Vanessa Vale’s threesome historical fictions. Since this one was clearly book one in that series. So now that I’ve added to my TBR list I hope y’all will add this anthology to yours. You won’t regret it!

—“You should take him up on that, Hartley. This is a man who never shares his sweets.” -Jonathan to Harley about Cruz—

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