Falling for the Cowboy by Kennedy Fox

Published: January 31, 2019

This novel was fantastic. I haven’t read any of the other Bedtime Reads but I knew I had to read this one right away. This novel has to do with Colton who we met in the last Bishop Brothers book. And Presley who is a freelance photographer. The two of them together was simply hilarious. They had a great chemistry and Presley wasn’t afraid to put Colton down. Honestly, this novel was a really quick read for me and it was so great to see all of the characters from the Bishop Brothers series again. I did get an ARC for this novel for an honest review. I wanted to read it anyway (even though I haven’t read the other Bedtime Reads books). I knew that this one happened on the Bishop ranch so to me it was just another Bishop Brothers book but rather with an honorary brother.

Presley has come to the Circle B Bed and Breakfast in the middle of nowhere Texas for some relaxation and some authentic photographs for her bookstagram and the publishers who send her books for that purpose. On her first day she runs into a cocky (and, yes, hot) cowboy and he makes her spill on her favorite shirt. In order to pay her back for ruining her shirt and later her flat lay he agrees to be a model for her Instagram. Little does Presley know that his photograph will go viral. From there she continues to spend time with and photograph him and is slowly falling for him. But that really can’t happen. He lives in Texas and she travels all the time.

Colton was hurt five years ago and just when he thought he had moved on the person the hurt him moves back to town. He figures he can handle it because he’ll never see her and there is a new guest at the B&B that has his blood boiling. After posing to be a model for Presley, he wants to help her with anything else she needs too. No matter how much ribbing he gets for it. He can’t spend enough time with her even though there is a strict rule about messing around with the guests. When his feelings move from lust to love then he knows he is in trouble. He can’t ask her to give up her life and dreams for him but he doesn’t want to live without her.

Honestly, this book did have some heart wrenching moments to it that make it just that much more real. The ladies that are Kennedy Fox, do a great job in eliciting emotion. Whether it is humor or sadness. This book had humor and sass in spades but the characters were also extremely well written. As the story went on both Presley and Colton became the people you were routing for. I’m definitely going to read the other Bedtime Reads books but this one was a great way to end the miniseries.

—“I love Southerners! She said she was gonna fatten me up!” -Olivia (Presley’s best friend) about Mama Bishop—

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