Sin by Emma Hart

Published: July 18, 2017

This is also on the seemingly never ending list of books by Emma Hart. This is the first book in her two book Vegas Nights series. It was recently put onto Kindle Unlimited so I took the chance to read it for free. Honestly, after all of these Emma Hart books do I even need to say it anymore? It was funny. And the female character was sassy and strong and took no shit from anyone.

Dahlia had to return home to run her father’s bar, The Scarlett Letter. She has been in mourning for him for months but when her manager demands she returns to deal with a certain Fox she caves. This bar is her life and she will not sell it. But when Damien Fox puts on the charm that he uses to get what he wants she can’t withstand him. Though he’ll never get her bar he might just have to settle for her heart.

Damien was told that buying this bar would be easy. His father was wrong and he doesn’t understand why he wants the damn place so bad. It is just a bar. And a book bar at that. When he goes head to head with Dahlia though, he is in for so much more than what he was expecting. He gets a fierce and independent woman who knows what she is capable of and that includes running her bar. Soon though, spending time with her is a necessity rather than a business venture. But can they get past why he stormed his way into her life?

This was a fairly quick read though the book is in the 300 page region. I enjoyed all of it. I enjoyed the bar and the overly dramatic gay bartender. I enjoyed the banter and the sizzle. I did not enjoy when Dahlia said that librarians read all day. Clearly, she needs to head to her public library and see how much reading they aren’t doing. I only wish we read all day. But that was my only beef with this novel and in the large scheme of things that is very minor. So go grab it on KU while it’s there!

—“Happiness was where the books –and orgasms– were after all.” -Dahlia—

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