Vengeance Road by Christine Feehan

Published: January 29, 2018

Oh My God, you guys!!! I had a book hangover for like three days after this novel. And I still think I have one. I loved it so so so much and I want more!! Unfortunately, the author tweeted me back and basically said the only way to get another before a year is for her to stop sleeping. Well, we certainly don’t want that. But I need more Torpedo Ink!! Like the book before it this one should come with all kinds of trigger warnings but if you’ve been following the Sea Haven books and now Torpedo Ink you should know this by now.

Breezy’s life has been hell. She had one good year and that was when she was with Steele. Then he threw her out like a whore and made her feel worse than that. Only she realized she didn’t just have herself to worry about anymore. She was pregnant and would build the best life for her son that she could. Now she is back in Steele’s life because her bastard of a father has kidnapped her son and wants her to kill Steele and Czar. She can’t do that, and won’t, but she needs their help to get her son back. She knew it was a risk going to him but she wasn’t prepared for the heat of being with him again or the love that she still feels. Can she stay after they get their son back? How can she possibly forgive him?

Steele knew that the best thing in his life walked out his door three years ago. Hell, he threw her out with cold, cruel words that he didn’t mean but scarred both of their souls. When he finally sees her again she will not be getting away. Only their reunion isn’t anything like he imagined. He has a son and he is in danger. Steele knows that he is overbearing and needs to have things his way. But he would walk through Hell again before giving Breezy up. He has to figure out how to get her to stay with him when he has hurt her time and time again. However, that is a problem for after they get their son back. He isn’t letting her out of his sight so she is coming with him on this rescue mission. Will it be enough to show her that he is all in with them?

The stupid book guys! I was in tears at points and got emotional again at others. The lives that both protagonists lived is hard to read about and is even harder to realize that somewhere out there people are living those lives. Especially when I’m reading this in the cozy, safe comfort of my bed. Anyway, this book was better than the first one and I read that one twice in the last year. There are so many different characters to choose from for the next books and I can’t even speculate on who’ll be next. But I also want to revisit the existing couples too. Especially the ones from Sea Haven. I also have to mention that the UK cover for this book is amazing! Generally, I like the US covers best but this time was an exception. It’s so good guys! You really won’t regret reading this book so just go do it!

—“‘I saw that hand off, Ice.’ She snapped her fingers and held out her hand. ‘I’ll put that with the other two hundred salt shakers I’ve confiscated from the three of you.'” -Blythe, pg.125—

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