Dark Alpha’s Awakening by Donna Grant

Published: February 5, 2019

This novel was amazing! I read it shortly after Dragon Claimed came out because I couldn’t wait to learn more about the war between Usaeil and the Dragons. I knew that this book was going to be longer than the regular Reaper novels and I was so very excited about that. I needed it to be longer because it is Death and Cael’s story and that needs to have all of the history and present in it. I did get an ARC of this novel from NetGalley and the author for an honest review and this book could have only been better if it had been longer.

Death has always just been. She didn’t have a family or anyone else like her. Her history is complicated and she relished her life as the Mistress of War until she realized that she didn’t want that to be her anymore. When she first thought about creating the Reapers she did so after seeing Cael on the battlefield. But when it was his turn to join the Reapers she never wanted that for him. For thousands of years she has watched Cael and has prevented herself from acting on her feelings for him. As the leader of the Reapers she could not show him any favoritism. But when Bran has almost succeeded in destroying her she has taken up her mantle as the Mistress of War again only this time she will open herself up to love and to Cael.

Cael has kept his distance from Erith because he knows that there can never be anything between them. But when she starts to push him away and after Bran has been sucking her power he can’t stand not being near her to protect her. When he finally pushes her about her feelings and her driving people away he knows that he will give up everything to make sure she survives this war. Only after giving himself up to Bran for his Reapers does he realize that he might not get to watch her kill Bran like she should have in the beginning.

This novel was so good. I wanted it to continue into the war but I’m still hoping that we’ll see more Reaper stories in the future. Especially since we now have a new group of Reapers to love. I know we will have to see them in the Dragon King series soon but really it isn’t soon enough. If you have been following the Dragon Kings you need to read the Reapers. Everything is merging and the war we are all waiting for has commenced.

—“Then again, she (Usaeil) was as mad as a box of frogs.” -Cael—

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