The Pink Lady

I’ve affectionately labeled this wine glass “The Pink Lady”. It is a beautiful large wine goblet that is a shimmery pink. The book used for this piece is The Guardian by Sherrilyn McQueen (formerly Sherrilyn Kenyon). The glass has mosaic tiles on one side that are in pink and white as well as a few tiles on the base of the glass. The glass used for this goblet is thicker and will hold the weight of the tiles.

Though this piece is decorative it can be used as a wine glass. I have washed it several times to make sure that the decorations stay in place and that it will look just as nice after use. Though I washed it in hot soapy water I don’t suggest soaking the item nor is it dishwasher safe.

I also want to state that the sealant on this item is an art sealant so it may or may not be food safe. It didn’t say it was and it didn’t say it wasn’t so please use your best judgement if you choose to drink from the glass.

This is one of a kind so grab it today in my shop!

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