Nice and Easy by Erin Nicholas

Published: February 12, 2019

I was offered to read this book by Social Butterfly PR and I enjoyed it. I hadn’t read a book by Erin Nicholas before so I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into but this one was interesting and a delightful read. So, I did get an ARC for an honest review but I’m always honest about books. Or, at least, I try to be as honest as possible. As the third book in a series I wasn’t sure if it would read like a true stand alone or not. I am happy to report that it did. Sure, reading the other two books first would have given me more context but this one was just fine without having the other two under my belt.

Lexi is a single mom and has been co-parenting with Caleb for 2 years. They were both thrust onto parenthood and have been there for each other since the beginning. They take turns looking after her son and his niece. But when she tries to take things to the next level one drunken night she realizes that she wants it all with Caleb. She wants to live with him and help raise his niece and learn all of the ins and outs of their lives more than they already know. However, she doesn’t think that Caleb will be able to handle the kind of dominance that she needs in the bedroom. He just wants to take care of her but can he tie her up to do it?

Caleb thinks he has this co-parenting thing down until he learns that his niece has a learning and physical disability that he missed. On top of that Lexi and her son are living above a bar because she never told him that her mom moved away and she hadn’t been able to find a place yet. So he insists she moves in with him. When she comes onto him that night he does the noble thing and pulls away only it opens up a can of worms that he didn’t even realize was there. He doesn’t really know Lexi at all and that is something that he wants to remedy. He has been in love with this woman for years but to not know the most basic things is driving him insane. When she comes clean about her needs in the bedroom can he come clean about everything that he has been keeping from her?

This novel was cute and a fairly quick read. It was interesting coming into the main couple two years into their co-parenting situation. So as a reader you don’t get to see how they met or their first impressions of each other which I think was an interesting move by the author. I enjoyed that more than I thought I would. They already had a relationship of trust between them and it grew to one of intimacy as the book progressed. Overall, I definitely suggest this novel if you are looking for something different but with tones of a classic plot. 

—“She wanted to go and hold him.
She also wanted to punch him in the face for not asking her to come sooner. She supposed that pretty much summed up what being in love was all about.” -Lexi—

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