Sealed with a Kiss by Carly Phillips

Published: February 12, 2019
Originally Published: September 25, 2007

This book was so cute and honestly though it is the second book and I really should have read the first one first, you can’t tell that too much in this one. I’ve only begun to realize this since I’ve started reading the official first book. So lucky for me that missing a small piece of the back story wasn’t that big of a deal for this novel. I’ve come to realize that this novel is a re-release with a new cover but either way I got an ARC of it from the wonderful people at Social Butterfly PR for an honest review of it.

Molly has been looking for acceptance from her mother for her entire life. When she leaves Hunter in New York she finds out that the man who she thought was her father in fact is not the man she thought he was. So, in search of familial acceptance she goes to Connecticut and is enfolded into a loving family until her father is accused of murder. He can’t afford a good lawyer so she goes to convince the best criminal lawyer in two states to come and defend him. Only when she left Hunter, she stomped on his heart. Can she convince him to help her? Can she win his heart again at the same time?

Hunter can’t believe that Molly is back. But she is only back because she needs something from him. After taking a hard look at his life since she left he knows that he has to help her in order to put her behind him. The way he figures it, is that he’ll be the one to leave her this time and hopefully he’ll finally be able to move on. But, once he is around her and her new found family, he finds himself being drawn to her in the same way he has been drawn to her since law school. He finally realizes that he can’t just leave her but he can’t start a relationship with her until she accepts who she is and stops letting her past and insecurities control everything.

Again, this was a cute and sweet book that had a great HEA. It dealt with two very emotionally damaged characters but ultimately relatable characters. They both wanted to believe in each other so badly and when it came down to it they did and the trust grew from there. This book is a quick read and again, you can read this one without reading the first one, but it makes more sense by reading them in order. Trust me.

—“It just took me half a lifetime to figure that one out.” -Molly to Hunter—

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