Cross My Heart by Carly Phillips

Published: February 12, 2019
Originally Published: June 6, 2007

This was a wonderful second chance romance. That I read out of order but that didn’t take away from anything. Well, it did fill in some blanks for Sealed with a Kiss but other than that reading them out of order didn’t really affect anything. I loved that this was a second chance romance that wasn’t a typical one. Since everyone thought that Lilly was dead and Ty never intended to go after her so it was a romance that they didn’t expect to happen at all.

Lilly faked her own death at seventeen years old with the help of her two best friends. She runs away to NYC under a new name and not only survives but eventually thrives. When Ty shows up on her doorstep to convince her to return home she knows it’s time to face her past. Though it is hard she won’t be doing it alone because she will have Ty by her side the entire time. The hard part about this will not only be confronting her uncle and her past but spending time with Ty. He is the man that she always thought she should be with and now that they are together almost 24/7 she can’t deny her feelings. But when this is all over what can she do about her life in NYC and her heart in Hawken’s Cove?

Ty told himself he would never go after Lilly. He found her five years ago and saw that her life has turned out just fine and she never came back to him. She’s moved on, so why shouldn’t he? When her uncle wants to declare her legally dead and take over her trust fund, Ty must bring her back home. What he doesn’t expect from seeing her again is all of the feelings that come with their reunion. After protecting her from the attempts on her life, Ty must come to terms with her returning home to NYC. When she leaves him, he figures that he can wait for her to return or go after her.

This novel was a quick read and it was so sweet. I got a free copy of the novel for an honest review and I’m glad I did. I’m slowly reading all of the Carly Phillips books but there are SO MANY! Anyway, I highly suggest this one and the new covers are really cute. Go check it out! Now. Go. Now.

—“Sometimes you form that kind of connection when you don’t have anyone else.” -Lacey—

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