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Tomboy by Avery Flynn

Published: February 18, 2019

This third novel in the Hartigans series was amazing. I absolutely loved every minute of this novel. I had recently read the first novel in the series so it is nice to be caught up but I want more books now! This one deals with Fallon Hartigan who is the take no nonsense nurse that no one wants to mess with and Zach Blackburn who is the most hated man in Harbor City because of his reputation on the Ice Knights. I did receive an ARC of this novel for an honest review but y’all should realize by now I only accept ARCs for the books that I truly want to read. And this one was definitely on that list.

Fallon Hartigan is known as the bitch of the ER. She is a no-nonsense nurse and knows how to make even the most terrifying men quiver in their boots. When her newest BFF, Lucy, calls her and begs her to check on Zach Blackburn she seriously doesn’t want to do it. The guy is an asshole and has the worst reputation in Harbor City. Unfortunately for Fallon, she loves her friends and would do anything for them. So she is at Zach’s house making sure he doesn’t die. What turns out to be food poisoning and not death quickly turns into awkward situation after awkward situation. Though, She won’t take any of his BS and doesn’t want to be in the tabloids, she can’t stay away from him. So when he concocts the idea that she’s his Lady Luck what is she supposed to do? She is a diehard Ice Knights fan and if they’ll start winning then she needs to help.

Zach Blackburn has the reputation as the most hated man in Harbor City. With good reason. He has been betrayed by his parents and is now trying to clean up after them. Only the rage he feels is so deep that he takes it out on everyone. His teammates, his coach, the paparazzi. Everyone. Except when he takes it out on Fallon she doesn’t stand for his BS and calls him on it. She doesn’t listen when he tells her to leave and she doesn’t even seem interested in him like a regular puck bunny. After playing the first stellar game for the Ice Knights ever, he has come to realize that she has made him just happy enough to enjoy hockey again. He is at her complete mercy if she’ll show up to home games and text him on away games just to be his Lady Luck. What could go wrong with that?

I laughed, I cried, I sweared a whole lot. This book was one of the absolute best books I’ve read in a while. I enjoy the Hartigan books so much that I can’t wait to see which one is next. But the preview of the next book at the end of this one better be another series because I’m not done with the Hartigans yet!! I need some more of that Irish temper. The characters are relatable and lovable and if you have any sense you’ll go at least try these books!

—“Incoming traumas at the ER? Handled. People needing a comeuppance for being jerks to her friends? Done. Seeing Zach Blackburn after a night of orgasms that could never be repeated and sending a stupid selfie in his hoodie like someone trying to get back in his pants? Where was the never-ending hole she could fall into?” -(a very nervous) Fallon—

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