The Road Home by Krista Sandor

Published: September 26, 2018

This is the first novel in the Langley Park series by Krista Sandor. She reached out to me back when I was in Scotland to see if I would be interested in reading this book. It took me awhile to get back to her because life is terribly busy but I said “yes” and I finally got the chance to read it. She then sent me the first novel for an honest review and I loved it. I did discover that the entire series is on Kindle Unlimited and so I’ve been able to move forward with the series at a (fairly) decent pace.

Jenna has sworn to never return to Kansas. She has lied to everyone she knows about her terrible past in Kansas but when a women’s shelter contacts her about her mom, she knows she must return. She ends up in Langley Park, Kansas where she spent a semester of her junior year. The fates smile on her when she runs in Zoe whom she met while at Gwyer University. Zoe offers up her brother’s carriage house apartment for a place for her to stay. Little does she know that Zoe’s brother is the one and only boy she had a crush on while in Langley Park. After settling in, strange things start to happen to her and though she is scared she still wants to see where this road will take her. Will it be a relationship with her mom? With Ben? Or will these pranks escalate into something more dangerous?

Ben never forgot the shy girl whom he got one stolen moment with in high school. Now she’s back and he can’t be everything to her like he wants. He was broken once and has to think about his daughter now. That doesn’t dampen the flames inside of him though. And when Jenna starts to tutor Kate (his daughter) he knows that his resistance has been futile. Now he has more pressing things to worry about, like who is behind the pranks and how can he can best protect Jenna.

This was a fairly quick read and though I loved it I do have to say we all saw the fact that Jenna’s mother only wanted Jenna’s money coming. Like it was kind of painful how long the character went on without realize that her mother would never be a mother to her. The hints were all there. But I guess that is what makes the character more real. She misses all of the signs from her mother and ends up heartbroken. I could have told her that would happen. Either way though, y’all should definitely make this your next interesting read.

—“She said, ‘Your life is ahead of you now. You get to choose your path. You decide which road will lead you home.'” -Mrs. Grady to Jenna—

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