Lust by Emma Hart

Published: September 12, 2017

The Vegas Nights series was short and sweet. I did like this book much better than the first one. I think it’s because the character development was better for Perrie and Adrian than it was for Damien and Dahlia. I still think those two are a power couple but the couple in this book overcame a lot of odds to be together. Which made the story just a tad sweeter in my opinion.

Perrie Fox was supposed to be the heiress to the Fox empire. But her life changed when her mother killed herself and she got pregnant. Her adoptive father couldn’t care less about what happened to her and her beloved older brother seemed to be of the same mindset. So it would have to be Perrie and baby against the world. Fast forward 7-ish years and she is working as a prostitute in Las Vegas. She doesn’t want to do this but she will do what she has to in order to give her daughter a good life. Only when she is made and gets arrested does her entire world fall apart in a few minutes. When she has a meltdown in the back of the cop’s unmarked she is released from custody. However, a stipulation of remaining free is to be a consultant for the LVPD on finding others like herself. She doesn’t want to but she doesn’t have a choice either. She will always regret the day she met Adrian Potter.

Adrian Potter doesn’t know what it is about the woman who had a meltdown in his car when he arrested her but he can’t stop thinking about her. To make matters worse he lied to his superior on his reason to not arrest her so now he has to take his special task force up a notch to catch more prostitutes. He wants to clean up his city and to do that he need Perrie to teach him and his colleagues how to identify their targets. As they work together night after night and their kids meet he knows that his world and his heart are starting to get wrapped up in all that is Perrie Fox. Only, he has been down this road before with a woman like Perrie and he will not subject his son and his sanity to it again.

I thought that the kids intervened on their behalf was really cute. Being played by your kids is always hysterical for someone like me who has no kids. Especially since they were 8 and 7. I also thought this book was really good and I would like to see more out of this series if the author ever thinks about it. It was a sweet and short series and the two characters of this book were just damaged enough but didn’t struggle too much against love. I think if you need a feel good book with an edge this should be the one for you.

—“The last time you looked through the window before opening the door was Halloween and you got egged because you made a bad choice.” -Adrian to Zac—

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