My Favorite Cowboy by Donna Grant

Published: February 26, 2019

This book was probably the best one in the series so far. At least in my opinion. This novel takes place three years after Brice marries Naomi and they now have a successful horse ranch together. The story follows the Caleb’s story because as the only single Harper sibling we finally get to see his story. For full disclosure though I should say that I did get an ARC for this novel from Netgalley.

Caleb hasn’t had a serious relationship ever. He doesn’t need someone in his life that can leave him like his mother did. But when he meets the equine vet, Audrey, he feels something he has never felt before. He not only wants to help her figure out what is happening to the horses but he also wants to protect her when those responsible start to come after her. Because of his time in the military he is well equipped for being her bodyguard but now he realizes that he can’t leave her alone. There is something about her that he is drawn to and though he doesn’t ever want someone in his life who can hurt him, he just can’t seem to stay away from her.

Audrey is the best equine vet in the area so when a family friend calls her to help with the mysterious illness of some of his horses she goes over immediately. There she meets Caleb and his brother Brice who are taking a look at the security cameras that had been disconnected. After losing a horse to the mysterious problem they realize that someone has been setting Audrey up. Eventually she must decide who she can and who she can’t trust in order to protect herself and her baby sister.

Again, this book was my favorite one of these contemporary western romances. I loved Caleb and how he wanted to open himself up to love but struggled with it. It was also nice seeing that Audrey had those same feelings but struggled to overcome as well. These two were made for each other and the journey that the book takes the reader on definitely makes that obvious. And who doesn’t love a military trained cowboy. Like it’s the best of two romance genres!!

—“I think she practices what to say to bring us to our knees.” -Brice to Caleb about Abby —

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