Run the Risk by Lori Foster

Published: September 25, 2012

I’ve been in kind of a rut lately in figuring out what I want to listen to. I finished Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming, (review up soonish) and just haven’t had the desire to pursue anything else. Normally this would be fine but I don’t listen to music at the gym which is why I needed to find an audiobook to keep me distracted. Turns out this one did the trick. It was a good book but not so engrossing that I couldn’t stop reading it for the night. That’s what I like about some audiobooks is that I can just go back and forth with them and read a different book at night. Well, I’ve actually met Lori Foster so I figured I should read one of her books, too, and this one was available through my library so…bam! My book was chosen. It also helps that it has a purple cover. What can I say? I judge books by their covers.

Logan Risk is undercover trying to bring out the only witness to the murder of his best friend. The witness, however, is elusive so he has decided to snuggle up to the witness’s sister. Rowdy Yates maybe a lot of things but Logan is banking on lousy brother not being one of them. The only problem to his plan is that he is actually developing feelings for Pepper Yates. That wasn’t supposed to happen. But they are there now so when he ultimately does catch Rowdy, he knows that Pepper is not going to be happy. What he doesn’t expect is the spitfire that the real Pepper Yates is. Or how gorgeous she is. Now he needs to keep his focus off of her body and on her protection as the real witness and they may all get out of it alive.

Pepper has been on hiding as Sue Meeks for a couple of years. Sue-freaking-Meeks. She is tired of the persona of a homely, uninteresting, boring woman but she knows that it is for her own protection. When her new neighbor takes an interest in her, she keeps enough wits about her to not let him know what she really looks like but still gets to indulge in the pleasure she has been missing out on. She thinks the arrangement works well until he has her brother arrested. Then all of the skeletons come out of the closet and she is the only one who can protect her brother. Now she just wishes she was able to protect her heart from Detective Risk.

This book started slow for me. I was honestly kind of bored and was going to find something new but I stuck with it and now here we are. After the first few chapters it picked up and when all the secret identities died then the suspense and action started. We learned about the real characters and what made them tick. That is what made me continue with this book. The narration was great as well. But I’m a fan of Jim Frangione. I suggest checking this one out if you need a no commitment audiobook. I’m going to start the second one too.

—“Sometimes it’s better when they’re dead.” -Alice—

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