The Beginning of Home by Krista Sandor

Published: November 11, 2018

To continue my reading of the Langley Park series we get to learn what makes Nick tick. This book is about Nick and Lindsey who were a summer romance though they really only had a week together after Lindsey finally broke through Nick’s shell. They were forced apart by circumstance and now are forced back together by chance. Well, forced together is a bit strong. They are now forced in the same vicinity of each other.

Lindsey has moved to Langley Park with the help of her godmother. She is on the run from her abusive and psychotic ex and she is pregnant to boot. She has never told anyone in Texas about her connection to Langley Park and is finally thinking that she has a safe place. That is until she sees Nick again and he is the one person that can still make her crumble. She is determined to rebuild her life on her own and reclaim her love of photography but Nick has other ideas. He is slowly wearing down her defenses and though her baby isn’t his he has proven his determination to protect them both. But how can she trust that he won’t turn on her? Or that her ex won’t find her and kill him? But there must be risk for any reward.

Nick recently took a position as the Directory of Aviation for the small downtown airport in Kansas City. He has decided to put down roots in Langley Park and he knows he made the right decision when he sees Lindsey again for the first time since they were 16. Only instead of the confident girl she had been she is now a frightened and broken woman. He doesn’t know what she has been through but he is determined to find out. Through that determination he sees the girl she used to be and the one he fell in love with. Now if he can only get her to love him again. There has never been more on the line for him than than getting his girl back.

This second chance romance was great because they didn’t immediately fall back into bed with each other. They both proved that they had lived lives apart and needed to reconnect emotionally before they did physically. The only part I didn’t like in this book was how long the past scenes were. They weren’t a true prologue since they spanned almost half the book. That took some of the enjoyment away because though I needed to know their past together I probably didn’t need to know that much. It could have been done in flash backs or something. So that is my complaint to this otherwise wonderful book. I truly hope y’all check this series out!

—“And there’s no way we’re going to let any dick whistle of a douche canoe like your ex do anything to hurt you or your baby.” -Zoe to Lindsey—

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