The Measure of Home by Krista Sandor

Published: January 12, 2019

This is the final book in the Langley Park series out right now. The next book is coming out sometime in the coming months and I cannot wait for it because it’s Zoe and Sam’s book! But I’m not here to talk about the next book and my impatient wait for it I’m here to talk about The Measure of Home and how wonderful it was.

Monica’s dream had always been to be a model. After going to school at a private school in the ultra rich Mission Springs she wanted to get out and see the world like the rest of her classmates. Until one day the boy she has been eyeing for years comes to play basketball against her friend’s brother and the night turns into one she will never forget. Not for good reasons either. Now Gabe is working at the bakery all summer and her infatuation with him isn’t one sided. A romance blooms but is their love enough to triumph dreams? Monica gets the opportunity to live her dreams as a model but to do that she had to leave Gabe and her grandma behind. Now she is back in Langley Park and working at the bakery again with her grandmother. Only Gabe is back too and she hasn’t seen him since she left in the middle of the night. He has made a big name for himself while she is a washed up model. To top it all off he can’t stand her. But now her life might be in danger because of her witnessing a crime in California and he will not leave her by herself. Can she rekindle their love? Or is it all pointless?

Gabe was in love with Monica until the day she left him without a word. When that day came Monica’s grandmother gave him a way out of Langley Park. He went to New York and worked his ass off in the toughest kitchens to become a great chef. After having a hissy fit in his own restaurant he needs to regroup and since he’s supposed to be in Langley Park for his cousin’s wedding he figures it’s the perfect time. When he gets there however, the last person he expects to see is Monica. He figured she was off living her dream only to find her back home. When he finds out that she is in trouble he refuses to leave her alone at the bakery. He also decides that he is going to help her when her grandmother is in the hospital. They are working together to pull of a great Oktoberfest for Langley Park but in the mean time they are also rekindling their relationship. Can he convince her that he will always want her and they can make new dreams together?

I really loved the premise of this book but like the previous one I think that the chapters that described their past together were a bit too long. I think the story could have been better without the long chapters from when they were teenagers. When we finally got to them as adults the chapters felt a bit rushed. If the ones when they were teens were shorter I think that there could have been more development in the later chapters. So even though I loved this book I still didn’t like something about it. The couple was great and the book was hot in all the right places. There was also just enough suspense to keep the reader’s attention throughout. Overall y’all won’t want to miss this book. Especially with the cliffhanger ending!

—“I guess you’ll have to pull me off the line. I can’t seem to work with all the distractions. I have misplaced my mise en place.” -Monica to Gabe—

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