Worth Fighting For by Laura Kaye

Published: March 12, 2019

Woohoo! It’s another Warrior Fight Club novel! In this one we are following one of the two ladies in the fight club, Tara. I devoured this novel. It was well written and so delicious! I got an ARC for and honest review of the novel and want to give kudos to Laura Kaye for finishing it on time. It couldn’t have been easy with your shoulder. Now onto the book!

Tara’s entire life was the Navy before her medical discharge. Ever since she has been kind of lost without it. But she found a new calling in a privately owned diving company. When the nightmares get to be too much she goes on a walk and has an interesting meeting with a stranger in her favorite bar. The connection is almost instant and though she doesn’t do one-night-stands she decides to make an exception this one time. However, when she sees Jesse at her job she realizes that he is the new hire. She can’t stop thinking about him and wanting his touch but it is distractions that get people killed. It can be a split second between life and death and that is too close for her. Though her feelings remain strong she doesn’t know how she can have her job and the man. 

Jesse is new to DC and when he goes to a bar near his hotel and meets an interesting woman he has an incredible one-night-stand. Only she wasn’t there in the morning and didn’t leave a note or her phone number. When he arrives at his new job and sees her, he is not only confused but hurt by her sneaking off. After having to work with her in confined spaces and a high intensity job he realizes that he is starting to have real feelings for her. Though unexpected they aren’t totally un-welcomed but he knows he’ll never move on those feelings because there is no way that she returns them. He has messed everything up in his life and he’ll mess this up too. At least he can still be around her at work and at Warrior Fight Club.

Laura does broken men and women so well. These characters could be like any of our veterans that can’t relate to the civilian world anymore. One believes that he has let everyone in his life down because of deaths beyond his control and the other loves her job but is afraid of all the little things that could go wrong because of a tragic accident. Both find ways to cope with what they consider their downfalls but many in real life don’t have that. So though I know this was an unexpected turn for this post to take, as you read a military romance remember that there are people out there like this. A little bit lost, a little bit broken, and a whole lot of in need of a friend. 

—“I can’t reconcile with my mother with my junk hanging in the wind.” -Jesse to Tara—

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