Crazy Imperfect Love by K.L. Grayson

Published: March 12, 2019

This novel is part of the Kristen Proby crossover series that all came out on March 12, 2019. I was lucky enough to be offered to review for the crossover but to make everything fair Social Butterfly PR only allowed 3 books per reviewer. Well, because I’m part of Laura Kaye’s review team I technically got 4 books. Her’s and 3 others. This was one of the 3 other books and since I’ve never read anything by K.L. Grayson before I figured that this was the perfect opportunity. And I’m glad I did. I enjoyed this book quite a bit and finished it fairly quickly as well.

Abby isn’t the one for a one night stand. But she has been told by her therapist that she should try to do more new things. Especially things that she has never really given thought to doing before. So while at her cousin’s wedding in Cunningham Falls, Montana she does indeed hook up with a stranger. When she moves to Cunningham Falls a few weeks later for a rotational nursing position she is surprised to find out that her one night stand is the head of surgery at the hospital she is now working at. It is strictly against the rules to date a colleague and both of them could get into a lot of trouble if they go out. The problem is that they can’t seem to stay away from each other. Can they really keep their relationship secret? When will the to-good-to-be-true doctor decided that her OCD tendencies are too much? Is she over thinking this?

Drake cannot believe that the woman he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about shows up in his hospital. That is both very good and very bad. As her superior he cannot go out with her but as a man desperate for what they could have he decides to throw caution to the wind. So they slowly start to get to know each other to see if the connection they both felt the night of the wedding was just a fluke or something real. The problem isn’t only that they work together though. She is only in Montana for a finite amount of time. He doesn’t know how to convince her to stay with him after her rotation at that hospital is done. Does he even want to? Can he live with her adorable idiosyncrasies?

This was such a quick read for me and I really enjoyed it. Though I know all to well the feeling of cold Montana (I’m in North Dakota) they actually seem to enjoy the snow in this book. I suppose some people enjoy that white crap. Anyway, the characters were really well written and I think the conflict between them was also something that pulled on the heartstrings and made you root for those two crazy kids. I think I would definitely pick up another book by Grayson but I just gotta find the time.

—“But I’m cold, and my vagina is sore. Also something I didn’t know could actually happen.” -Abby—

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