All Stars Fall by Rachel Van Dyken

Published: March 12, 2019

This book y’all was so good. So good in fact that I bought the previous books in the series because I needed more of it. Have I read them yet? No. But I have them and I will get to them eventually. This book was part of Kristen Proby’s crossover series and though it didn’t take place in Cunningham Falls, Montana the main character is from there. This is a great nanny/single dad romance, and though I don’t know why, I’ve been digging that trope lately. I did get an ARC from the amazing Social Butterfly PR for this novel for an honest review and honestly this book is awesome.

Penelope moved to Seaside, Oregon for a new start. Only it really does have shades of her old life but in a town by the beach. She gets a job at the local coffee shop and it comes with a nice small place to live so until she gets settled this will work for her. At least that’s what she thinks until a gorgeous man walks in with three adorable little kids. On their second trip to the coffee house she lets the kids help her make their hot chocolates and she is offered a job. Little does she know that this job is for Trevor Wood. The drummer to her one time favorite band. Now that she has agreed to be his nanny she can’t pursue anything with the new divorcee. She won’t risk what she has with the children but she really can’t stay away from him. And what is a girl to do when there are three little hearts on the line?

Trevor isn’t looking for a relationship with anyone he just needs help. When his ex-wife left she didn’t give a thought to the family they had created together and now his life is chaos. He has twin boys who are constantly fighting and a little girl who just wants her mom. When he sees Penelope helping the kids and how good they react to her he asks her to work for him on the spot without really knowing anything about it her. Though this might have been a problem for some people it wasn’t for him. He just needed some help. Only keeping his hands off the nanny isn’t as easy as he thought it would be. Why is it so difficult? And why is he seeing a future with her when he doesn’t want relationships anymore? So many questions and so few answers.

Don’t worry this book (of course) had a wonderful HEA and an adorable epilogue. I loved the other members of the band that came into the story and I’m looking forward to reading their books as previous ones or as they come out. Since this was my first novel by Rachel Van Dyken, I wasn’t expecting greatness. Which is usual for my first novels but I have met Rachel and I knew I at least wanted to give her books a shot. I’m glad to say that my expectations were exceeded and I think this one will be one I come back to.

—“Does that mean I can kiss friends at school like you did Daddy today?” -Bella to Penelope—

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