Wicked Force by Sawyer Bennett

Published: March 12, 2019

I am finally getting to this post. Wicked Force is the next book in Sawyer Bennett’s Wicked Horse series and it was wickedly good. But who doesn’t love a well written bodyguard romance? Anyway, again I had never read something g by Sawyer Bennett before but I’ve been following her on social media for awhile. This book is part of Kristen Proby’s crossover series so I took this chance to read a book by Sawyer Bennett and review for the crossover series. It’s a win/win really. So without further ado more of my words. Haha! 🤣

Kynan is just like any other military vet. One who is trying to find his place in the world after war. The only difference is he served for the Royal Marine Corps. That’s right. He’s British. When Kynan is offered a job by one of his long time friends how does he refuse? It will use his skills and keep him from getting too used to civilian life. Only his first job as part of the Jameson Group security firm is to be a body guard for an up and coming pop star. He is convinced that she is going to be a diva and he will want to strangle her. He does not expect the instant attraction to her or how down to Earth she is. But this attraction is going to be an issue. He can’t protect her when he is focused on her and not her surroundings. But how can he stay away?

Joslyn has only ever wanted to sing. She is lucky that she is good at it to. When her mom/manager decides that she needs a bodyguard she doesn’t fight her on it. She has learned to pick her battles and this is a minor one compared to her skipping a meeting in LA to do a charity show in her hometown of Cunningham Falls, Montana. However, she can’t seem to get her new bodyguard out of her head. He is older than her and works for her but he is also kind and considerate to her needs and wants. After a fateful night in Montana she is able to be open about her relationship with Kynan. Only now her mother has gotten her an audition for a movie that she has no desire to do. She knows her mom only has her best interest at heart but seriously she needs to chill. What about her music career?

As much as I loved this book I was a bit disappointed in that it wasn’t anything like the book summary said. The summary made the reader think that Joslyn had a stalker and the only place she could go to be safe was Cunningham Falls. When in reality that wasn’t the case AT ALL! The book was good but it sounded so much more exciting in the summary. I’m pretty sure that will be the case for the next book which will also be about Joslyn and Kynan only like 9 or 10 years later. The cliffhanger that leads into this next book definitely takes the reader by surprise because there is a nice and tidy HEA at the end of this one only to not end up that way according to the summary for the next one. Anyway, the book was really good and I will be reading the next one but the summary does not properly portray what happen in this novella at all. Oh and I hate the cover. The model looks like a little girl and Joslyn has a bit more spirit than that. It isn’t sexy and honestly she looks dumb. Not how I saw Joslyn at all. Ok that’s all I have on this one! Sorry it got a bit rambly at the end!

—“What is it with huckleberries?” -Kynan to Joslyn—

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