Haunted by Gena Showalter

Published: January 14, 2019
First Published: 2012

This novel was first published in a short anthology with P.C. Cast. When I found out that she was republishing it as it’s own novel I knew I had to read it. This post is either going to go one of two ways. It will be really short because I can’t talk about much without dropping the big bomb of what happens in the story or it’ll have spoilers. So this is your warning. There maybe spoilers ahead. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

You’re still here right? Good! In this novel we meet Levi who is a detective and has been having blackouts of the past couple of weeks. He’ll be in one location and then he’ll be in another with no sense of what happened or the time it took to get between the location. For example, he moved into his new apartment and gave up his place of six years without having any memory of it. He is now on leave from the police department because he attacked a perp. But the perp was a serial killer so who could blame him really? Though his life just gets weirder when his neighbor comes to him because she believes that she witnessed a murder. She paints it every night. To him that is a whole lot of complicated but he can’t help but be drawn to her and want to protect her. So he decides to help her out and figure out what’s going on. When her best friend goes missing though he knows that something strange is afoot and it is just on the tip of his fingers.

Aurora Harper, or Harper to those who don’t want to be hurt, decided one day to leave her wonderful little bungalow home to move into this new two bedroom apartment with her best friend. She was gone for two weeks and during that time she has no memory only that after her return she was drawn to this apartment building. Her best friend can see spirits and is trying to understand what happened to her but she doesn’t want her agency involved. Which is fine with Harper. The less people know about her strange behavior the better. But when Lana (the bff) goes missing after she painted her face being murdered she knows that something is going wrong. But what could it be?

Ok, so I did manage to do that one without spoilers. Go me! Anyway, this book was more supernatural than paranormal and it deals with a whole lot of ghosts and death. But in a world that has people who can see both who can blame the author for taking advantage of that. It honestly wasn’t what I was expecting. Truly. And though that’s a good thing I didn’t care for the turn that it took. But it was still a good novel and definitely worth your time to give it a whirl.

—-“Women were more unstable than C-4.” -Levi after sneaking up on a woman—-

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