Bare It All by Lori Foster

Published: April 30, 2013

This is the second book I’ve read by Lori Foster in the Love Undercover series. I listened to the audiobook like I did the last one and Jim Frangione did a great job (as usual). This book left off directly where the last one did and we got to see the relationship between Alice and Reese bloom.

Alice has had to be careful ever since she was kidnapped. She doesn’t ever want to be in a position like that again so she makes sure to keep her distance and stay vigilant. Only Reese has some how wormed his way into her life. First with his puppy, Cash, and then when he needed a place to stay after the shooting in his apartment. In such close confines their relationship bloomed and she doesn’t want to be without him. However, when she saves a girl being forced to be a drug mule she knows that things could get dicey with Reese. As the protector he would never want her in danger but she couldn’t not help that girl. Now those creeps might be after her but the silver lining is Reese I’d determined that nothing will happen to her.

Reese wasn’t expecting to find a connection with Alice when he asked her to be his dog sitter but after what went down at his apartment he can’t just leave her alone. When he needs a place to crash she is happy to give up her couch for him. But what he doesn’t expect is the developing feelings that he has towards her. When she puts herself in danger he nearly goes mad in trying to figure out how to best protect her. From herself if need be.

I really enjoyed this one. I liked the continued dynamic between Reese and Logan and then Pepper’s continued animosity towards Reese even though he has come to an understanding with Rowdy. The entire novel was a quick read and like the previous one, I listened to the audiobook while I was at the gym and at work. I highly suggest checking this one out!

—“You’re a fucking Hulk and you know it.” -Rowdy to Reese—

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