My Best Friend’s Mardi Gras Wedding by Erin Nicholas

Published: April 9, 2019

This book y’all was everything! I loved it and I didn’t think I would. I kind of forgot that I was getting an ARC for it (oops) so I’m a bit late on the review delivery (sorry Social Butterfly PR!) but I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to review this novel. It was cute and fun and had so much of Louisiana in it that it reminded me that it has been about 3 years since I’ve been there. 3 YEARS!! That is much too long and if you’ve never been y’all need to get yourselves down there and eat a wonderful bowl of gumbo for me. Like seriously y’all haven’t lived until you’ve had true gumbo. Though I’m still not sure I’ve had true gumbo since I’ve never had it homemade. But those are semantics.

Anyway, in this novel we get to see Josh again! The sexy bartender at Trahan’s who always has an easy smile and something nice to say. It turns out that he has been celibate for a year because he met the girl of his dreams last Mardi Gras when he was bartending on Bourbon Street. How can he have met the girl of his dreams in two days one might ask? Well he is a Landry and that is apparently what they do. Only his girl is in New Orleans for her best friend’s wedding. But the best friend is a guy and now Josh needs to play the doting boyfriend at the wedding since the bride is convinced that Tori is in love with the groom. Josh can definitely do that but can he find the line that will protect him from falling head over heels for Tori?

Tori wanted to come back to meet Josh again but she got sucked into the bridesmaid drama since she just couldn’t be a groomsman. That was too modern for the strict traditional New Orleans family. When she accidentally kisses Andrew (the groom and BFF) she knows that she has got to find a way to diffuse the situation. Since she thought Andrew was Josh, what better way to prove that she isn’t in love with Andrew than to bring Josh to the wedding. She just needs to find him and convince him of it. Shouldn’t be too hard. Right?

I loved reading this book and the Landry clan was everything I’ve come to expect of people talking about an eccentric Cajun family. The fact that they give bayou tours as well is awesome. This was the funniest book I read in the month of April and I honestly can’t wait for the next book in the series. So I’m glad to find out that it will be coming out in May. Check this book out if you need your fix of New Orleans!!

—-“Hey, I’m trying to be a badass here so that you’ll debauch me.” -Tori to Josh—-

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