Evalle and Storm by Dianna Love

Published: April 30, 2019

This is the book that every fan of the Belador series has been waiting for! In order to do this couple real justice they needed to have their own novel again. We haven’t seen one solely about them in awhile and though I absolutely love where the storyline is going it is always good to check in with your mainstay couple. I will admit that the story started rather slow for me but that could just be the mood I’m in and less about the book. I also just wanted it to jump right into their relationship and the issues there but it obviously didn’t do that. That wouldn’t make for a great plot.

Anyway, this novel takes places right after Evalle is rescued and resurrected. Only nothing has been the same since then. She has healed physically but her powers are waning daily and she can’t even feel her gryphon anymore. Her entire life she hated being an Alterant and now that her powers were gone and her gryphon with them she realizes that she misses them. To top everything off there are these strange black veins that have appeared on her skin that grow by the day. Soon she will be covered in them and then what? Since Storm has to make an impromptu trip to his father’s hometown she decides that maybe someone in the Dine tribe can help her. Storm’s solution is to bond but she refuses to hurt him more and these black lines may kill them both.

All Storm wants is for Evalle to be safe and happy. He feels like he is failing on all fronts recently. She is safe because he hovers over her but she isn’t happy because he hovers over her. When he isn’t constantly watching her he is stressed out that something will happen to her again. Which is why it is imperative that they bond, only he won’t force it between them. It has to be a mutual decision. So, of course, his uncle has to call at the worst possible time. He doesn’t want to go to Arizona to help his father’s people but he feels indebted to him for previous help with Evalle. When he gets to the town though not all is as it seems and he needs to find the threat to his clan as well as protect Evalle and bring back her gryphon.

This novel picked up quickly and I was sad that it was so short. I think it definitely could have been longer but I understand that this was just a one-off for their story. So I appreciate it! I should also state in this review that I did get an ARC for an honest review but I’ve been reading these books for so long now that I don’t think anyone could give me a good reason not to read the next in the series. Also, what is this about the Treoir Dragon Chronicles? I did not know those were going to be a thing and though I’m sad that it sounds like the Belador series is coming to an end I’m glad that they will continue in a spin-off. Though, I don’t know if it is coming to an end so don’t quote me on it!

—“Still, she believed in the saying, “You either win or learn.” She’d won and learned. Double bonus.” -Evalle—

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