Ignite by Donna Grant

Published: April 30, 2019

This book was everything y’all! I enjoyed it so much! V has always been kind of an enigmatic character and for him to have his story is what I’ve been waiting for! We also get Claire’s story who has been with the Dragon Kings since Sophie and Darius’s book. The secrets that these two characters hold are everything to this plot line and I honestly really think you all will enjoy this book immensely.

V is the king who has slept the eons away. He has only woken to search for his sword and every time disaster has befallen the humans who inhabit his world. After being forced to wake by Con he search for his sword yet again and has finally found it. Only now he can’t do the one thing they all expect of him. That is check on the dragons. His sword is the only one that can call the dragons home or at least connect with them to know they are alive. But now his sword won’t work for him and that is more frustrating than not having it at all. Only when he thinks about how Claire makes him feel does he get any type of response of magic from his sword. Even though that is the case he doesn’t want to get too close to her because he cannot abide this new world. He just doesn’t understand it but with her by his side it doesn’t look so unbearable.

Claire has had it with men. She has tried everything to find The One and still can’t find him. She is convinced he doesn’t exist for her. What makes it all harder is knowing about the loyalty of the Dragon Kings at Dreagan and seeing them with their mates but not having that for herself. She loves Sophie and Darius and doesn’t begrudge them at all but she wants what they have. Only no one knows that she still remembers everything that happened in Edinburgh and subsequently all about the Dark Fae and the Dragon Kings. So when V actually wants to spend time with her she is extremely shocked. He even takes her on the best date of her life only to stop talking to her for days. But that is not the end to their relationship as she gets pulled into the war with The Others and a rogue Useail who will do anything to have Con.

This book didn’t suck me in right away but after a couple of chapters I couldn’t put it down. I knew that would happen so I was OK with it. This novel had a lot of revelations in it. Like what happened with V’s sword, the larger part that Claire is going to play in everything, and who the author of the dating blog is! We also are starting to see a bit more of The Others and the cliffhanger that this novel ended on was crazy and hurt a bit for sure! I need the next book but I will wait so very impatiently for it.

—“Don’t worry about things here. You know we’ll be fine. It would take a really dumb person to attack Dreagan.” -Claire to V—

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