Sweet Home Louisiana by Erin Nicholas

Published: May 7, 2019

This book was quite good and so funny. As the second book in the Boys of the Bayou series and only the third one by Erin Nicholas that I have read I can tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying everything I’ve read so far. This second chance romance will make you smile and will make your heart hurt at places as well. Oh, I should also mention that I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR for an honest review of this novel.

Maddie likes living in California away from all of the crazy people in the bayou. When she is in Autre she cannot seem to reign herself in to the carefully structure person she has become over the last 12 years. She only has to be there for 30 days thanks to a partnership agreement her grandfather signed and her brother left to her. She was in Autre for her brother’s funeral and that is it. But now she needs to work at the tour company in order to sell her portion of it. But as time goes on she just falls back under the spell of Louisiana, the bayou, and Owen.

Owen has never forgotten Maddie. When she returns all he wants is to make her remember how great they were together and that she is a bayou girl at heart and not the California girl she is portraying to everyone. But he wants her happy first and foremost and when he finds out that she can’t paint in Autre he knows she needs to leave but she won’t be going alone. He let her go once and won’t be doing it again.

Every time I read Erin Nicholas’s novels I miss the south and realize that it has been years since I’ve been to New Orleans. Really a terrible shame. Anyway, you should read this novel for sure. I think everyone (well almost everyone) will enjoy it and you don’t technically have to read the first one first. It is a true standalone and worth all your time.

—-“Owen is the jambalaya. The idea of stuffing your self full of it is the sex euphemism.” -Kennedy to Maddie—-

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